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Operation and Management

The key personnel of FONA Inc are as follows:


Dr. Ejembi John Onah

US-EU-Africa-Asia-Pacific and Caribbean Nanotechnology Initiative (USEACANI); Steering Committee Members

Dr. Ejembi John Onah


Other members are:

   1. Dr. Samuel Ugbolue, Professor, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
   2. Dr. Samuel Ngishe; MD
   3. Dr. Harinder Missan, Professor, University of West Indies, Trinidad
   4. Dr.José Vega Baudrit, Professor, National Laboratory of Nanotechnology,Costa Rica


Advisory Board

1.Dr.Ejembi Onah, Founding Presidents FONAI and Advance NanoFocus, Co-Chair,


2. Dr. Mauricio Terrones, Professor, National Laboratory for Nanoscience and

     Nanotechnology, Co-Chair, Mexico

3. Dr. Malik Maaza, Professor, Ithemba Lab, Co-Chair, Africa

4.Dr.David Hui, Professor,  University of New Orleans, Co-Chair, USA

5.Dr. Aldrin Sweeney, Professor, University of Central Florida, Co-Chair, USA

6.Dr. El-Shall Samy, Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University, Co-Chair USA

7.Dr. Stanley Moffatt, Professor, Reagent University Accra,  Africa

8.Dr.Ishenkumba Kahwa, Professor, University of West Indies, Co-Chair, Caribbean,

9.Dr. Helen Asemota, Professor, University of West Indies Jamaica and Shaw

     University Co-Chair, USA and Caribbean

10.Dr. Sossina Haile,Professor, CALTECH, USA

11. Paul Iwezulu,Attorney, UK

12.Dr. Mansoori, Professor University of Illinois Chicago, USA

13.Dr.Lubomir Lapcik, Professor, Thomas Bata University,Czech-Co-Chair

14.Dr.Ajibefun; Professor,Federal University of Agriculture Akure, Africa

15.Dr.G. Egharevba, Professor, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ife, Africa

16.Dr.Anil Chaudhary, Professor, University of Hyderabad, India

17.Dr.Nelson Ochekpe, Professor, University of Jos, Africa

18.Dr.José Vega Baudrit, Professor, National Laboratory of Nanotechnology,Costa Rica

19.Dr.Jean Ebothe, Professor, University of Reims, France-Co-Chair

20. Dr. Samuel Ugbolue, Professor, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, USA

21.Dr.Yong Lak Jo, Professor, Cornell University, USA

22.Ex-Senate President, Ameh Ebutte, Africa

23. Dr.Zorkani Izzedine, Dhar Mehraz University, Morocco

24.Dr.Michael Adikwu, Professor UNN, Africa

25.Dr. David Wilson, Professor, Cornell University, USA

26.Dr. Charles Esimone, Professor, Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka-Africa

27. Dr. Eden Manut, Professor, Ovidius University, Constanza Romania

28. Dr. Lerwen Lui, NanoGlobe, Singapore

29. Dr. Joydeep Dutta, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand


FONAI operates through the executive arm made of the President/CEO and the board of directors, the steering committee, the advisory board (the academy) and the network of academia, private sector and government institutions. FONAI has a major initiative called the US-Africa-Asia-Pacific and Caribbean Nanotechnology Initiative (USEACANI) covering 178 countries with a special focus on the 84 countries of the US, Africa and the Caribbean. The steering committee is the most active arm of this initiative. Within the steering committee are the Co-ordinators for US, Africa ,  Caribbean and globally. The Co-ordinators work with other steering committee members and advisory board in their regions to form a formidable network of academia, private sector and policy makers to enable USEACANI carry out its objectives. The Co-ordinators from Africa and the Caribbean present monthly report of their regions to the President and Board of Directors. Co-ordinators are:

Dr. Ejembi John Onah, D.Sc.,  President FONAI-US and globally
Dr. Samuel Ugbolue,  PHD, Professor Emeritus, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, US-NorthAmerica

Dr. Samuel Ngishe-MD-Africa
Dr. Missan Harinder PhD, Professor, University of West Indies, Trinidad, Caribbean
Dr.José Vega Baudrit, Professor, National Laboratory of Nanotechnology,Costa Rica-Central-South America




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