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Research: Beyond the limits of innovation

Advanced Functional Nanopecochemical Synthesis

One of the things that is exciting in nanotechnology and picotechnology is its multi-disciplinary nature. Research at inter-face between physical, biological, agricultural, medical and engineering sciences is key to the success of any nanotechnology program. The gathering of scientists across disciplines, institutions and nations to brain-storm a scientific problem is the hallmark of scientific discovery in what is called 'nanobasket'. Functional nanopecochemical synthesis is the engine driving interface science today. Focus Nanotechnology Africa Inc. (FONAI) research include:


  1. Organic synthesis: Stereoselective and biochemical synthesis, and small molecule-DNA interaction. 
  2. Polymer synthesis: Solution and surface living controlled free radical polymerization: Reversible addition fragmentation and termination-RAFT
  3. Nanofilms or thin films: SAMS and Langmuir-Blodgett technique
  4. Advanced nanopicochemical:Nanocomposites, carbon nanotubes, nanoskins, nanowires, nanoboats, etc
  5. Surface modification
  6. Energy: Renewable energy, solar cell synthesis
  7. Nanofilters: Electro-spinning
  8. Nanodevices: Sensors and molecular recognition
  9. Nanomanufacuring: Processes, phenomena, modelling, stimulation and scale-up
  10. Nanomedicine,nanobiotechnology and nanoagriculture: Malaria, cancer, tumor, HIV/AID, molecular engineering, diseases detection in plants, etc.
  11. Initiating nanoscience and nanotechnology in the 84 countries of US, Africa, Caribbean and Pacifics
Research working groups

Principal Investigator: Dr.Ejembi John Onah (President, FONAI),
1. Nanoenergy (solar and fuel cells)

Dr.Harry Atwater (Professor,CALTECH), Dr.Sossina Haile (Professor,CALTECH), Dr.David Hui (Professor, UNO), Dr.Malik Maaza (Professor, Ithemba Lab), Dr.Samy El-Shall
(Professor,VCU), Dr.Fabian Ezema (Professor, UNN), Dr.Mauricio Terrone (Professor, AMLM), Dr.Ishenkumba Kahwa (Professor,UWI), Dr.Missan Harinder (Professor, UWI), Onyanobi Anyebe (Professor, BenPoly), Dr. Eden Manut (Professor, Ovidius University, Romania), Emma Smith (Professor, University of West Indies, Barbados), Dr.Benjamin Ezekoye (Professor, UNN)

2. Nanomedicine

Dr.Michael Adikwu (Professor, UNN),  Dr.Stanley Moffatt (Professor, Reagent University), Dr.David Wilson (Professor, Cornell), Dr.Charles Esimone (Professor, UNN),  Dr.Mansoori (Professor, UIC), Dr. Anthony Attama (Professor, UNN), Dr.Nelson Ochekpe (Professor, UniJos), Dr. Helen Asemota (Professor, UWI and Shaw University),

3. Nanoagriculture

Dr.Igbekele Ajibefun (Professor, FUTA),

4. Nanoeducation

Dr.Aldrin Sweeney (Professor, UWI-Mona)

5. Nanofiltration

Dr.Samuel Ugbolue (Professor, UMASSD), Dr.Yong Lak Jo (Professor, Cornell), Dr.Margaret Frey (Professor, Cornell),

Dr.Omowunmi Sadik(Professor, UB)


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