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ISSN(Online): 1941-3475


Several Nobel Laureates as editors

Editor-In-Chief; Ejembi John Onah PhD, D.Sc.

Professor of Chemistry, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology        

JONPI 2019, Volume 7, Issue 1 out

Journal Nanotechnology Progress International (JONPI) 2019 Volume 7, Issue 1

Onah E.J. Editorial and Content; JONPI 2016, Volume 6, Issue 2

Molecular Beam Epitaxy growth of III-V Semiconductor Nanowires
Anyebe, E. A. 

Carbon Nanotubes: Building Blocks of Nanotechnology Development    
Boye E. T., Achadu O.J., Oreko B. U., Samuel O.D

Onah E.J. Editorial and Content; JONPI 2015, Volume 6, Issue 1  

The preparation of application relevant nanoparticles - fluorinated
water-soluble copolymer of acrylamide of sodium acrylate with high
complexation ability                                                                                                                      
Vershinin D.A., Petzold G., Rakhimov A.I., Vershinina Y.S.

Photon generation and transport in the nanoscale: A potential
application in quantum computing architectures
Núñez-Corrales,S., Vega-Baudrit, J.

JONPI 2014, Volume 5, Issue 2 out           

Onah, E.J. Editorial Review: 6 years of Journal Nanotechnology Progress International (JONPI)

JONPI 2014, Volume 5, Issue 1 out
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 Onah E.J. Editorial and Content; JONPI 2014, Volume 5, Issue 1            


Synthesis and evaluation of functionalized chitosan nanoparticles as antimicrobial agents

Porras-Gómez M1, Vega-Baudrit J. R.


Ethanol sensing property of SnO2 quantum dots embedded on PVP
Choudhury M, Nath S S, Bhattacharjee R

JONPI 2013, vol 4, issue 2 out
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Onah E.J. Editorial and content JONPI 2013, volume 4, issue 2

SnO2 Quantum Dots for Second Harmonic Generation
Roy A., Nath S.S.

Photodynamic Therapy: An Economic and Ecofriendly Way
for Cancer Treatment
Yadav R., Yadav P., Yadav S. 2, Saran D.,  Agarwal A.

Are CNFs a Viable Option to Replace CNTs in High-Performance
Nanocomposites?  A Realistic Assessment
Inbaraj S. R., Nisha C.K., Mahajan Y.R.    

Onah E.J. Editorial and content JONPI 2013, volume 4, issue 1
The Characterization and Synthesis of CdTe Quantum Dots                            
in Liquid Paraffin                                                                                               
Baruah L. 1, Nath S. S. 2 Bhattacharjee R1.

Preparations of Stable Aqueous Dispersions of Calcium Carbonate
and Clay Nanoparticle                                                                                      
Mende M., Schwarz D., Schwarz S.

Magnetic Field Effects on the Optical Absorption and Polarizability
of Donor in Quantum Dot                                                                                 
Zorkani I.,  Mmadi A., Didi Seddik A., Jorio A.

The Quest for Nanotechnology: The United States of America
Ugbolue, S. C.

Onah E.J. Editorial and content JONPI, volume 3, issue 2

TiO2 nanoparticles; it’s antibacterial, anticancer and nanotoxicological                  impacts                                                                                                                         
Yadav R.,   Saurabh  Y.,   Saran D.,     Padam A., Sudhir S.,  Agarwal S.C.,   
Angarwal A.

Sustainable nanotechnology policies for innovation in Costa Rica                                     
Vega-Baudrit J., Núñez-Corrales S., Porras-Gómez M.


Advances in nanofiltration                                                               
Ugbolue S. C.

Onah E.J. Editorial and content JONPI , Volume 3, issue 1

Synthesis and characterization of composites based on                      Polyaniline-gold/graphene nanosheets
Deepshikha S.; Basu T.

Role of the critical micelle concentration on the stability of carbon nanotube    dispersions in water
Tzavalas S.; Horechy A.;  Rojas R.; Detrembleur C.; Petzold G.; Schwarz S; Stamm M.

Onah E.J. Editorial and content JONPI issue 4

Improving the tuning phenomenon of CdS quantum dot by Fe3+                      doping
Gope G. , Nath S. S., Chakdar D., Das R.

Syntheses of PVP embedded ZnO quantum dots and the investigation                   
of their methanol sensing properties
Nath S. S., Choudhury M., Nath R. K.

Synthesis and characterization of CdS nanowires, and CdS/TlS nanoflower         grown in a polymer matrix by chemical bath deposition (CBD) method
Ezema F.I., Ezugwu S.C., Ekwealor A.B.C., Asogwa P.U., Osuji R.U.

Generation of mucinated cellulosic microfibers by mucin and microcrystalline                    
cellulose   hybridization; potentials for nanomedicine
Adikwu M. U., Builders P. F., 2Ezenwa P., Kunle O.

Nanotechnology in Latin America                                                                                           
Vega-Baudrit J

Onah E.J. Editorial and content JONPI issue 3
Editorial Review: Melt Electrospun Nanofibers for Applications
  in   Filtration                                                                                                             
 Samuel C.Ugbolue,  Chitrabala Subramanian and Steven B Warner      

Nanotechnology and Sustainable Development: The Place of Sub Sahara Africa
and Policy Considerations 
Igbekele A. Ajibefun  

Metal Oxide Silica Cellulose Nano Fiber Polyethylene (CeMOSPE) Composite Material
Okonkwo, E. M., Ofoegbu .O.and Mmereole, J.U.         

Synthesis and Characterizations of CuSe (CS) Nano-Thin Films
for Photovoltaic Applications
B. A. Ezekoye, F. I Ezema, A. Arome, E. N.Eze

Onah E.J. Editorial and content JONPI issue 2

Editorial Review: Nanoenergy; nanosolar cell
Onah E.J.

Nano-composite Polymer Electrolyte Membranes containing Nano-tubular Titania
for Fuel Cells .
Kerrilee Stewart, Boor Singh Lalia and Harinder Pal Singh Missan 

Educating the next generation of scientists and engineers
Nanotechnology in the K-16 science curriculum
Aldrin E. Sweeney   

Study of Electric Field Induced Second Harmonic (EFISH) Generation
from Au and Ag  implanted  LiNbO3 nano Composites
Chaudhary A.K., Maaza M., Fasasi A.Y., Nandwandwe M., Beye A.C.
and Neethling P                                                                                                                

Overview on Nanotechnology Research, Development and Commercialization
in Asia Pacific Region                                                                                                        
Liu L.    

Onah E.J. Editorial and content JONPI issue 1

Editorial review: Nanofrontrunners, implications 
Onah E.J.

Gold Nanoparticles Conjugated with Folic Acid using Mercaptohexanol as the Linker
A.Shakeri-Zadeh, H. Eshghi, G. A. Mansoori and A. R. Hashemian 

Study of the Relationship between Nanoparticles of Silica and Thermoplastic Polymer
(TPU)  in Nanocomposites
José Vega Baudrit , María Sibaja Ballestero, José Miguel Martín Martínez     

Single-cycle- infection Viral Vectors as Model Probes for Antiviral Screening,
Potential Application in Nanomedicine,

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Professor of Chemistry, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

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